What is flAVATAR?

flAVATAR – Magical Flowers is a unique development where the surface of the cut flowers and pot plants are treated with a special plant based material so that they glow in the dark. As a result of the surface treatment the light emission is clearly visible to the naked eye but can only be perceived in the dark.

The flAVATAR procedure preserves the original qualities of the plants highlighting their beauty but thanks to the power of the innovation special connection to the plants are also manifested in the way they bring light to us in the dark. We are proud to set an example as an innovator who doesn’t use the environment for its own purposes but rather learns from nature and gives back to it the newly acquired knowledge in an enhanced format without damaging either the plant or the environment. Such development is flAVATAR.

The flAVATAR flower has the properties of the normal flower therefore both cut flowers and pot plants have to be handled in similar fashion. The cut flower stems should be pruned back a little, the water should be changed once a week. Pot plants should be treated according to the needs of the plant. Some flAVATAR flowers may be dried, this way they can light up your night for years!