Welcome to world of magical flowers!

Are you interested in why flAVATAR flowers are glowing in the dark? Come along and find out more about the hungarian invention. Scroll down!

flAVATAR carnation glow in the dark

Green technology

We are proud to set an example as an innovator who doesn’t use the environment for its own purposes but rather learns from nature and gives back to it the newly acquired knowledge in an enhanced format without damaging either the plant or the environment. Such a development is flAVATAR – Magical Flowers.

How can flAVATAR plants glow in the dark?

Thanks to a special surface treatment, pot plants, cut flowers or preserved flowers can glow in the dark. flAVATARs can be charged with sunlight or cold artificial white light. After charging flAVATARs need to be placed to a dark room because they emit immediately their luminescent colours: green, blue, aqua blue, red, white, orange. flAVATAR – Magical Flowers is a unique development and innovation of the flora. The technology is trademark protected.

Who we are?

A handful of people who love flowers very much and are dedicated to innovation.

Stories about us

flAVATAR at MRCC year evaluation and Hungarian Champion inaugural event

flAVATAR is a development that wouldn’t have been possible without the humility towards the flora. It is important for us to express our support for perseverance, humility and commitment. flAVATAR – Magical Flowers is a development based on biotechnology, as a result of which living plants glow in the dark. The first steps of the …

Sounds and lights of the night

Please welcome our unique performance, called Sounds and lights of the night.The flAVATAR magical flowers and two musicians, Hsin-Ni Liu pianist and Nicolas Beaupertuis saxophonist will appear together in a special venue and stage. Their performance will help us to experience an unforgetable night. Program:“Canciones” for piano, Joseph Hallman (b.1979)“Escapades” for alto-saxophone and piano, John …