flAVATAR at MRCC year evaluation and Hungarian Champion inaugural event

flAVATAR is a development that wouldn’t have been possible without the humility towards the flora. It is important for us to express our support for perseverance, humility and commitment.

flAVATAR – Magical Flowers is a development based on biotechnology, as a result of which living plants glow in the dark. The first steps of the development started in Felsőzsolca, as one of the rights holders comes from here.
This is what most often determines that we pay special attention to the Miskolc region, despite the fact that the product is less known in Hungary and is mostly available on international markets.

The use of biotechnology also means for us to stand up for issues that are compatible with the fact, that we turn to our natural environment with the utmost care.

Sport has always been central to our lives, and if we can support it in a beautiful environment and targeting a growing circle, it will make us feel happy too. Not to mention that the association founder of MRCC is a good friend of ours, it was clear that we support him, the team and thus the Miskolc area together.

Sounds and lights of the night

Please welcome our unique performance, called Sounds and lights of the night.
The flAVATAR magical flowers and two musicians, Hsin-Ni Liu pianist and Nicolas Beaupertuis saxophonist will appear together in a special venue and stage. Their performance will help us to experience an unforgetable night.

“Canciones” for piano, Joseph Hallman (b.1979)
“Escapades” for alto-saxophone and piano, John Williams (b.1932)
“Pictures at an exhibition” for piano, Modest Mussorgsky (1839-1881)

Sounds and lights of the night

We definitely had different plans for this year…

Dear followers,

we had been in silent for long…

the situation that arose overwhelmed us as well. We haven’t thought that it could come true.

We definitely had different plans for this year.

Our plan was that our customers could buy a #flAVATAR by this time at every county seat. We were planning to serve the buyers not only at festive occasion but any time which is unique for them.

The economical situation of the state is upside down, and the flower business also took a back seat. We truley understand that everybody is focusing on surviving and flowers are unfortunately less important.

Nevertheless spring has come and nature is blooming which has a perfect impact to our senses. It should remind us to renew and restart.

Until we can not do what we used to, we got time! Some of us use the time for baking yummy bread . But time can also be our partner in the meaning of being open to each other, helping us to find or create new community…

this period of time can be also good for holding self-examination… for getting closer to yourself, to your fears, needs and finding your attitude.

It is sure won’t be the same after all. We ourself change. We hope that everybody will find the appropriate guidlines for restarting or a for a new start.

As for us, we do what we shall do We are re-planning We face the difficulty and don’t give up! We believe in magic!

Best wishes for you all!

Amazing Hungarian invention

Experience the newest hungarian invention at your home. A successfully created 100% plant based, genetically not modified substance that is not harmful for humans or any other living things, is applied to flowers, thus makes them glow in the dark.

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