How Does It Work?

Thanks to the trademark protected innovation the treated plants (pot plants, cut and preserved flowers) can be charged with light so that after the treatment they glow in the dark from 5 up to 30 minutes showing green/blue/aqua blue/red/white/orange luminescent light.

Should the glow fade with time, it is easy to re-charge the plants in direct sunlight or with a lamp with cold, white light so they can glow beautifully again! If not re-charged, the brightly coloured glow will fade into a soft white glow, which can be seen for a further 4-5 hours.

The flAVATAR flower has the properties of the normal flower therefore both cut flowers and pot plants have to be handled in similar fashion. The cut flower stems should be pruned back a little, the water should be changed once a week. Pot plants should be treated according to the needs of the plant. Some flAVATAR flowers may be dried, this way they can light up your night for years!